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OK Ladies & Gentlemen, the wait is over Three years since the last volume graced your turn tables!! We are now PROUND to announce that volume 5 is about to hit the streets…. AND what an impact it will have!!! This time we have pulled out all the stops and gathered up some mighty fine, rare and obscure tracks for your listening pleasure…. The vinyl version features 16 tracks while the CD version boasts 27 tracks (yes 11 more than the vinyl version) As always, the vinyl version is limited to just 500 copies and come with it’s A5 booklet with rare band photos and information. The bands featured are BLITZ who first found fame by playing more gigs than any other band at the famous ROXY CLUB in 1978. Next up is THE VICARS from outta Southend-On-Sea who were featured on the ‘Southend Rock’ compilation album way back in 1979. Then we are graced with THE RATS who are from Cornwall and released an amazing track on the rare compilation album “Double Booked’ in 1977. Then we are treated to old Roxy favourites THE TARTS who feature a very young ’Max Splodge” on drums and also released one old 45 way back in 1979 which was the ‘Rolf Harris’ hit. PETE NEWNHAM hits us next with his incredibly rare solo single and tracks by his band T.H.E. The interesting thing about Pete is that he was in the first line-up of ’Cockney Rebel’. Now we venture down to sunny Worthing to find THE EGOS who deliver two ultra catch gems! Back up the M6 to find THE REZIZTERS who feature the brother of one of the members of ’U.X.B.’ who were on volume 2. Lastly we are overjoyed to feature THE NEGATIVES back again with their long lost first EVER Recordings from 1978!

1. Blitz - Strange Boy 2. Blitz - We're OK Sod You 3. Blitz - Rabid Dog (Vocal) 4. Blitz - Rabid Dog (Instrumental) 5. The Vicars - No One Listens 6. The Vicars - School 7. The Vicars - I'm Going Mad 8. The Rats - For Your Pleasure 9. The Rats - First Mistake 10. The Tarts - Job Satisfaction 11. The Tarts - Tie Me Kangaroo Down 12. The Tarts - Vanity World 13. The Tarts - Looking At Me 14. The Tarts - Drowning 15. Pete Newnham - Rudi 16. T.H.E. - The Ballad Of Johnny The Snark 17. Pete Newnham - Outside My Window 18. T.H.E. - Play With Fire 19. The Egos - Pretty Face 20. The Egos - I'm In Love With You 21. The Rezizters - Adolescence 22. The Rezizters - Copy Cat 23. The Rezizters - TV 24. The Negatives - Little Green Man Fever 25. The Negatives - 69 26. The Negatives - Because I Love You 27. The Negatives - Black Panther