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released on 15/1/2021


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STUNNING 1983 BROADCAST PERFORMANCE • Judas Priest recorded their major-label debut in January 1977 at The Who's Ramport Studios, with Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover as producer. The album featured significant developments in heavy metal technique, in particular its use of double-kick drumming on tracks such as ‘Dissident Aggressor’, and includes a pop-metal cover of ‘Diamonds & Rust’ by folk singer Joan Baez. • Sin After Sin appeared in April 1977 on CBS, and was the first of eleven consecutive albums to be certified Gold or higher by the RIAA. Priest then recorded 1978's Stained Class, produced by Dennis MacKay, and Killing Machine (released in America as Hell Bent for Leather). • In 1980, the band released British Steel. The songs were shorter and had more mainstream radio hooks, but retained the familiar heavy metal feel. By this time Juda Priest were considered godfathers of the then-emerging New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Their 1982 album Screaming for Vengeance featured ‘You've Got Another Thing Comin', which became a major radio hit in the US. The album went Double Platinum. • On 29 May 1983, the band played on Heavy Metal Day of the US Festival, a music festival in San Bernardino, California sponsored by Steve Wozniak. The band was fourth in the line-up that also included Quiet Riot, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Triumph, Scorpions, and Van Halen. During the same tour, Priest performed at Houston, Texas’s Convention Center, on 8th June, playing a show that was recorded for live FM broadcast, and synched across the US. The band put on a quite stunning show which is still hailed as the best of the tour to this day. • Previously unreleased, this complete broadcast recording is now available for the first time on this new CD.


1. Heading Out to the Highway 4:17

2. Desert Plains 5:53
3. Devil's Child 4:41
4. The Hellion/Electric Eye 4:13
5. Riding on the Wind 3:13
6. Screaming for Vengeance 4:21
7. You've Got Another Thing Comin' 7:09
8. Breaking the Law 2:52
9. Sinner 7:29
10. Living After Midnight 4:37
11. Hell Bent for Leather 4:53