Moody Blues - The Magnificent Moodies VINYL LP reissue TDP54047

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TDP54047 Moody Blues - The Magnificent Moodies    



Although chiefly associated with art rock and progressive rock due to the symphonic bent of their
breakthrough second album, Days Of Future Past, as the group name attests, The Moody Blues began as a
rhythm and blues band, formed in Eridngton, a suburb of Birmingham, England in 1964, spinning
off from local bands El Riot & The Rebels and the Krew Cats. Keyboardist Mike Pinder, flutist/
percussionist Ray Thomas, guitarist Denny Laine, drummer Graeme Edge, and bassist Clint Warwick
are the featured players on their debut disc, released by Decca in 1965 following the chart success of
outstanding single, “Go Now,” (a cover of an emotive r and b song by black American female singer, Bessie
Banks) and unlike every subsequent release, this album has a heavy Mersey Beat rhythm and blues
influence, as well as an overarching blues-pop grounding. The first side is made up of covers,
including a great cut of Chris Kenner’s “Something You Got,” while side two is mostly taken up with
original numbers penned by Mike Pinder and Denny Laine; this edition has 6 bonus tracks. A crucial
piece of the Moodies’ archeology, The Magnificent Moodies captures the group at their very beginnings.


I’ll Go Crazy
Something You Got
Go Now!
Can’t Nobody Love You
I Don’t Mind
I’ve Got A Dream
And My Baby’s Gone (bonus)
Everyday (bonus)
You Don’t (All The Time) (bonus)
Let Me Go
Thank You Baby
It Ain’t Necessarily So
True Story
Bye Bye Bird
I Don’t Want To Go On
Without You(bonus)
Time Is On My Side (bonus)
From The Bottom Of My Heart
(I Love You) (bonus)