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Item no. :ICON091 Barcode :0823564037509 Artist :DURAN DURAN Product type :Compact Disc Label :ICONOGRAPHY Release Date :08 September 2023

• In 1993, Duran Duran released a second self-titled record: this Duran Duran album is known as The Wedding
Album (for Nick Egan's cover art featuring the wedding photos of the band members' parents) to distinguish
it from the 1981 album, and it was produced and recorded with John Jones. The release of this first
"comeback" album was initially delayed, but listener demand for leaked single ‘Ordinary World’ forced it
onto radio playlists months earlier than planned; it reached number 3 on the US chart and number 6 in the
UK and won a prestigious Ivor Novello Award for song writing.
• ‘Come Undone’ made number 7 in the US and number 13 in the UK. Both the band and the record label
seemed to be caught by surprise by the album's critical and commercial success (No. 4 in the UK, No. 7 in the
US). Bassist John Taylor had been considering leaving the group but changed his mind.
• Duran Duran’s largest tour ever, which included stops in the Middle East, the then recently de-embargoed
South Africa, and South America, was halted after seven months when Simon Le Bon suffered from strained
vocal cords. After six weeks’ recuperation, the band performed intermittently for another five months,
including appearances in Israel, Thailand, and Indonesia.
• The band’s nine shows in the aforementioned post-apartheid S.A. were something of a revelation. Performed
between 10th and 24th April ’93, and largely sold out within minutes of tickets being announced, Duran’s gig
at the Momentum Arena in Pretoria, their final concert in the country, was their best of all.
• Recorded for live transmission on both TV and FM Radio, the full event is now available for the first time on
this new CD.
• Not for sale to GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
1 Planet Earth 5:08
2 Hungry Like The Wolf 7:28
3 Ordinary World 6:36
4 Come Undone 7:30
5 The Chauffeur 8:20
6 The Crystal Ship 3:09
7 Girls On Film 6:14
8 UMF 6.41
9 Notorious 5:33
10 Too Much Information 5:57
11 Save A Prayer 6:48
12 Success 5:13
13 The Wild Boys 1:35
14 Rio 6:16