ANTHOLOGY by FIEND, THE Compact Disc - 3 CD Box Set BOBV900CDBX

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Compact Disc - 3 CD Box Set



One of the first hardcore bands to come out of the North East of England; starting in 1982. The Fiend were well renowned for their loud hard hitting uncompromised sound which is evident in their last 2 studio albums still playing as angry and hard as ever, the sound of the band has been described as like throwing a "nail bomb into a crowded church" and a "live assault on the senses".

Here is the Anthology of their ear drum bursting work in one box set!

For fans of Discharge, Crucifix, Slayer

CD1 Track List (The Brutal Truth)
1. Intro
2. Hostage
3. Who Gave You The Power?
4. Voices
5. Dangerous Weapons
6. Lie And Deceive
7. Fires Of Hell
8. What’s It Gonna Be?
9. Murdered
10. Resist
11. Can You See?
12. No Time
13. Remember Who We Are

CD2 Track List (Greed Power Religion War)
1. Intro To War
2. Greed Power Religion War
3. Your Town Will Burn Tonight
4. Bring Out Your Dead
5. Judgement Day
6. Death From Within
7. They Blame You
8. The More You Look (The Less You See)
9. I’m Bought
10. Fuk it
11. Dig Your Own Grave
12. The Fiend
13. Payback
14. War And Control

CD3 Track List (Complete Recordings 1983-1987)
1. Fires Of Hell
2. Religion
3. Stand Alone
4. Remember Who We Are
5. What Future?
6. Don’t Let ‘Em Die
7. Politician
8. Dangerous Weapons
9. Prediction ’88
10. Hospital Case
11. Murdered
12. Yet Again
13. Oppression
14. Fingertip Touch
15. Dangerous Weapons
16. It Ain’t Hard
17. Immortal Hell
18. Ghost Town
19. Controlled Fears
20. It’s A Bomb
21. On The Dole
22. Weird Boy
23. I.R.A.
24. Help Me