Archie Shepp - The Tradition DOUBLE VINYL vinyl LP 2020 reissue FOX034

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Archie Shepp - The Tradition  DOUBLE VINYL LP



Avant-garde giant Archie Shepp made an indelible contribution to experimental jazz. Double-
LP The Tradition was recorded in Rome in 1977 for Horo Records with drummer Clifford
Jarvis and bassist Cameron Brown; the raucous “Hooray For Mal” has shades of be-bop,
while Duke Ellington’s “Sophisticated Lady” is largely tackled by Shepp on upright piano
(with gorgeous soloing by Brown); “Things Have Got To Change” hearkens to Shepp’s
experience of the Pan-African Cultural Festival of Algiers of 1969 and Ellington’s “I Didn’t
Know About You” is relayed as a soft tenor ballad with rough edges.


Hooray For Mal 19:55
Sophisticated Lady 18:23
Things Have Got To Change 19:05
I Didn't Know About You 20:12