BLACK SABBATH – Sabotage In Concert1 0”X2 COLOUR (Splatter disc) CPLTIV016

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released on 15th october /2020

BLACK SABBATH – Sabotage In Concert
Format: 10”X2 COLOR (Splatter disc)

Released in July 1975, Sabotage was the sixth studio album by Black Sabbath. The supporting concerts are often regarded as the best of Black Sabbath on stage. There is no finer example of the power of Black Sabbath at work in 1975 than this legendary concert from Asbury Park. This 10-inch double-album collector's edition is hand-pressed on transparent and purple splatter vinyl. The pattern created on each disc is totally unique. Featuring the very best of Black Sabbaths's legendary 1975 Asbury Park  performance, here is your ultimate personalised and hand-numbered collector's vinyl.This remarkable double-album is unique as the 10-inch format brings an extra-dimension of exclusivity as each edition is pressed in a limited run of only 1000 copies. So its best to grab your copy while you can as there is no guarantee it will ever be pressed again. This deluxe collector’s edition comes with a suite of amazing extras:

A2 Fold-Out Record Store Black Sabbath Poster
Black Sabbath Interview
Black Sabbath Full Length E-Book
Black Sabbath Documentary Film



Side A

1 Killing Yourself To Live
2 Hole In The Sky
3 Snowblind

Side B

1 War Pigs
2 Symptoms Of The Universe
3 Sabbra Cadabra

Side C

1 Sometimes I'm Happy
2 Iron Man
3 Sprial Architect

Side D

1 Black Sabbath
2 Children Of The Grave
3 Paranoid