CHUMBAWAMBA Another Decade of The Same Old Shit vinyl lp CW001

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 CHUMBAWAMBA  Another Decade of The Same Old Shit 

Cat: CW001    

Format: LP    

 A collection of demos from the North of England band responsible for helping everyone get back up when they have been knocked down and, later, for dousing John Prescott with a jug of water. Expect a raw fusion of punk, pop and folk from the heady, early days of their 30-year career. No tubs were thumped in the creation of this record.


A1 No
A2 Work
A3 Animals
A4 Arthur (Live)
A5 Manual
A6 Lies
A7 Ducks / Baby Waved A Flag
A8 Shit
A9 In Texas
A10 Obscene
A11 No More War
A12 Body *
B1 Do Not Adjust Your Life
B2 Baby Killers
B3 Streets
B4 Marching Round In Circles
B5 Butterflies
B7 Rape
B8 Storm
B9 Men with Hill
B10 Someone Else
B11 Rock ‘n’ Roles