AKARMA – AK 367/3 VARIOUS – GLASTONBURY FAYRE FESTIVAL 3 x random colour vinyl lp

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AKARMA – AK 367/3


3 x random colour  vinyl lp 

Original Pasted US HARDBOARD

TRIFOLD SLEEVE (6 SIDE COVER) with all inserts & booklet


BAR CODE: 8026575367111


A The Grateful Dead Dark Star 24:06
B1 Brinsley Schwarz Love Song 4:02
B2 Mighty Baby A Blanket In My Muesli 16:06
C1 Marc Bolan Sunken Rags 2:36
C2 Pete Townshend Classified 3:58
C3 David Bowie Supermen 2:44
C4 Hawkwind Silver Machine And Welcome 7:28
C5 Skin Alley Sun Music 5:20
D Daevid Allen And Gong Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash And Fresh Fest Footprint In My Memory 23:00
E1 The Pink Fairies Do It 3:20
E2 The Pink Fairies Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out 19:43
F The Edgar Broughton Band Out Demons Out 20:00