KREWMEN - The Adventures Of The Krewmen vinyl LP (+ poster) RRS128

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KREWMEN - The Adventures Of The Krewmen
Format: LP  (+ poster)

Catalogue: RRS128
Barcode: 8055515231953

British rockabilly combo The Krewmen had several distinct phases during the 1980s; beginning in 1982 as a rockabilly trio, they moved in a blues direction for their first 45s and after temporarily disbanding, reformed as a psychobilly quartet for this sought-after debut LP. Songs like “Night Of The Living Dead,” “Wild Dogs Of Zorberon” and “Hell Train” have a delicious B-movie aesthetic and “Don’t Give A Toss” and “Guy Fawkes” are keen Brit takes on the form. A must-have for Cramps and Meteors fans, and all psychobilly devotees.


A1 The Bug Of Planet Zee
A2 Night Shift Blues
A3 Hide Away
A4 Night Of The Living Dead
A5 Guy Fawkes
B1 Bus Stop
B2 Bar Room Fantasy
B3 Don't Give A Toss
B4 Wild Dogs Of Zorberon
B5 The Hell Train