V/A - The Origins Of Congo & Zambia Guitar music 1957-1958 vinyl lp ND023

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V/A - The Origins Of Congo & Zambia Guitar music 1957-1958
Format: LP

Catalogue: ND023
Barcode: 7427116347516

These are the historical recordings by the great ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracy. The fruit of his researches in southern Congo and in northern Zambia between 1957 and 1958. That was the time when the guitar became a popular instrument and slowly achieved the status of cultural symbol. This collection stands as an important document of the emergence of a totally new sound in African music. A unique blend of African roots and Pop music imported from the West. A must for all guitar music fans around the globe.


Side A

1 Mama Josefina - Ilunga Patrice & Misomba Victor
2 Masengu - Ilunga Patrice & Misomba Victor
3 Muleka Mwene Yombwe - Ngoi Nono & Kabongo Anastase
4 Muleka Mwene Ngoie - Kaseba Anatole
5 Waifwe Bantu - Stephen Tsotsi Kasumali Ematambo
6 Banakatekwe - Stephen Tsotsi Kasumali
7 Wafwa - T. Muntali & M. Sapao Mayo

Side B

1 Nifwe Ba - The Four Pals
2 Maselino Yaya Yoyayu - The Four Pals
3 Bamgufya Ba Kwati - John Lushi
4 Katikalepuke Katikatobeke - Isaac Matafwana & Sunkutu
5 Chilomendo Chakumena - Luson Mwape Muchalo
6 Nashe Nsapato - Willem Sivale
7 Amatstotsi Mama Amaononge Chalo - F. Musonda