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Emmylou Harris made a major live appearance on the famed PBS Soundstage, in October 1978, featuring Emmylou regulars The Hot Band, who were bolstered here by country vocal group, The Whites - Buck, Sharon and Cheryl. • Emmylou had released her debut, Gliding Bird in 1970 and subsequently worked on Gram Parsons’ two groundbreaking solo Country rock albums, ‘G.P.’ and ‘Grievous Angel’ (both recorded in 1973). She also sang and played guitar in his touring band, The Fallen Angels, until Gram’s untimely death from an overdose of morphine and alcohol, in September of that same year. • Though deeply affected by Parsons’ sudden passing, Emmylou resurrected her dormant solo career, and was signed by the Reprise label, who issued her next album ‘Pieces Of The Sky’ in February ‘75. The record was a major success and reached number 7 on Billboard’s Country Music chart. • Her follow-up, Elite Hotel (December 1975) did even better, and landed Harris the coveted Number 1 spot! Released little over a year later, in January 1977, Luxury Liner replicated the success of the previous album as it too reached the top spot, whilst Chuck Berry’s (You Never Can Tell) C’est la Vie and country standard Making Believe hit the upper echelons of the Country Singles’ chart. • Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town (January 1978) was the final album issued prior to the recordings on this CD. The album is heavily represented by 6 tracks here: Two More Bottles Of Wine, Easy From Now On, To Daddy, My Songbird, I Ain’t Living Long Like This and Leavin’ Louisiana In The Broad Daylight (the latter pair written by Hot Band guitarist Rodney Crowell). Delving back into the past are versions of The Angels Rejoiced Last Night (included on the Gram Parsons’ album ‘Sleepless Nights’), Satan’s Jewel Crown (‘Elite Hotel’) and Luxury Liner (from the album of the same name). • Bonus tracks included on this CD are from a KFAT FM Radio broadcast from Santa Cruz, California in June ‘78. This was an unusual performance as it featured a trio format consisting of Emmylou with bluegrass multi-instrumentalist Ricky Skaggs (by then a Hot Band fixture, having replaced Rodney Crowell at the end of the previous year) and upright bassist Roy Huskey Jr.

 1 Two More Bottles Of Wine  3:55
2 Easy From Now On  3:08
3 To Daddy  2:56
4 Luxury Liner  4:05
5 Even Cowgirls Get The Blues  4:15
6 My Songbird  3:15
7 My Window Faces The South  2:42
8 Tumbling Tumbleweeds  3:03
9 Home  4:16
10 Swing Down Sweet Chariot  2:28
11 I Ain’t Living Long Like This  6:34
12 The Angels Rejoiced Last Night  2:30
13 Leavin’ Louisiana In The Broad Daylight  3:40
14 Hallelujah I’m Ready To Go  3:41
15 Could You Love Me/The Green Rolling Hills  7:31
16 I Believe Jesus Loves Me  4:07
17 If I Needed You  4:52
18 Satan’s Jewel Crown  4:50
19 Keep On The Sunny Side  3:53
20 Under The Weepin’ Willow  3:51