BARNEY JAMES & WARHORSE - koneg, the second coming (uk, 1975) vinyl lp sclp 010

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 BARNEY JAMES & WARHORSE - koneg, the second coming (uk, 1975)

gatefold, sleevenotes by Rick Wakeman

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only 1 copy exists of this heavy melodic progressive concept lp valued in excess of £10,000. fresh from the incredible success of Rick Wakemans early concept lps (he drummed with Wakemans band) Barney and his ex band mates Warhorse made this sensational lost heavy prog lp as a promo acetate to get an official release, Barney wrote all the songs and sings. Musically complex it begins with a spoken intro and tells the tale of Koneg Son Of Odin, as he quests to find meaning and death in battle. Keyboards and guitar interweave, with further spoken interludes, and culminating in an epic prog workout featuring fluid soloing electric leads as Koneg dies on the battlefield and is taken by Valkyries to Valhalla. The original gold hand made cover is reproduced as a gatefold with sleevnotes by the actual Rick Wakeman. Barney James, an ex British Army Commando, and ex Gracious, Legend, and Warhorse, and actor in The Sweeney and Derek Jarmans Jubilee, is also now in Valhalla, and his lost lp is here Issued for the first time with the full permission of his two daughters.

manufactured in Sainted Albion on the legendary EMI presses where all the original Beatles LPs were pressed. we use as many environmental principles as possible, eg no shrinkwrap.  textured gatefold sleeves.

British acetate and private pressing LPs dating from 1965-78, the most valuable LPs that exist

this is the third batch in an ongoing series of over 100 scheduled  super rare and unknown archive recordings of British underground LPs.  all have restored audio striking a balance between cleaning up often unique yet battered original recordings and retaining the power and authenticity of the original sounds witnout heavy compression,  restoration by Reynolds, at craftsman level.

priced as competitively as possible to allow street level access to million pound prog behemoths.

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