THE TEMPTATIONS - The Singles 1961-63 vinyl lp HONEY037

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THE TEMPTATIONS - The Singles 1961-63
Catalogue: HONEY037     
Barcode: 7427244912099

Here's another piece of music history. The Temptations, one of the greatest and influential vocal groups in the history of "Soul" are well represented here through a selection of their early singles. The group's immaculate vocal harmonies stand as a unique sound monument in American music culture and this disc shows us the origins of such a myth.


Side A

1 Oh Mother Of Mine (W. Stevenson-O. Williams)
2 Romance Without Finance (W. Stevenson-E. Kendricks)
3 Check Yourself (B. Gordy, Jr.-A. Bryant-M. Franklin-O. Williams)
4 Your Wonderful Love (B. Gordy, Jr.)
5 Dream Come True (E. Kendricks)
6 Isn't She Pretty (E. Kendricks-O. Williams )
7 Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine) (Released as The Pirates) (D. Brown)

Side B

1 I'll Love You Till I Die (Released as The Pirates) (C. Paul)
2 Paradise (B. Gordy, Jr.)
3 Slow Down Heart (W. Robinson Jr.)
4 I Want A Love I Can See (W. Robinson Jr.)
5 The Further You Look, The Less You See (N. Whitfield)
6 Farewell My Love (B. Gordy, Jr.)
7 May I Have This Dance (N. Whitfield-J. Bradford)