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Steve Marriott befriended Peter Frampton during the latter months of 1968, and the pair bonded over their unwanted 'teen heart-throb' status in the UK and their shared desire to be taken more seriously as musicians. Frampton was currently at something of a loose end professionally, having only recently left The Herd. Acting as mentor to his younger new friend, Marriott agreed to help Frampton find a new musical direction. • Marriott had initially wanted Frampton to join the Small Faces as a second guitarist in order to expand their musical horizons rather than form an entirely new group with him, but this proposal met with resistance from Marriott's bandmates Ronnie Lane and Ian McLagan. Frampton guested during a few of the band's live shows in October which, although well-received by audiences, seemingly did nothing to convince Marriott's reluctant colleagues to allow Frampton to join them on a permanent basis. As a consequence, Marriott was soon helping Frampton to form his own band as a backup plan. • Marriot stormed off stage with the Small Faces on New Year’s Eve 1968, and backstage he duly announced to his bandmates that he was leaving. He then approached Frampton with a view to joining him in the band he had helped to form for him. Having been instantly labelled by the UK music press as a supergroup, the band chose the name Humble Pie in order to downplay such expectations, and signed with Andrew Loog Oldham's record label Immediate Records. Their debut album, As Safe as Yesterday Is, was released in August, 1969, along with the single, ‘Natural Born Bugie’/’Wrist Jo’, which reached No. 4 in the UK Singles Chart; the album peaked at No. 16 Their second album Town and Country was rush-released in the UK in November 1969 while Immediate were on the verge of financial collapse and the band was away on its first tour of the US. The album featured a more acoustic sound and songs. • During 1970, with the Immediate label having finally collapsed Humble Pie signed to A&M Records, and Dee Anthony became their manager. Anthony was focused on the US market and discarded the acoustic set, instigating a more raucous sound with Marriott as the front man. The group's first album for A&M, Humble Pie, was released later that year and alternated between progressive rock and hard rock. A single, ‘Big Black Dog’, was released to coincide with the album and failed to chart, however the band was becoming known for popular live rock shows in the US. • In between long US tours throughout 1970, Humble Pie recorded a Sunday Concert for John Peel’s show on Radio One, on 20th September 1970. A stunning set was subsequent


1. Four Day Creep  3:30
2. I’m Ready  6:16
3. Live With Me  9:09
4. Stone Cold Fever  6:03
5. Hallelujah I Love Her So  4:29
6. I Walk On Guilded Splinters  18:39
7. The Sad Bag Of Shakey Jake  3:08
8. One Eyed Trouser Snake Rhumba  3:08
9. Big Black Dog  4:37