V/A - Mento Jamaica’s Original Music vinyl lp ND024

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V/A - Mento Jamaica’s Original Music
Format: LP

Catalogue: ND024
Barcode: 7427116347899

If you are in search of the origins of Jamaican music this is a great album to start with. Mento was the original Jamaican folk music that predates Ska and Reggae. Played Exclusively on acoustic instruments Mento was based on both African and European elements. The 1950s was Mento’s golden age, as many artists recorded songs using a variety of rhythms and styles. It was the peak of Mento’s creativity and popularity and the birth of Jamaica’s recording industry.


Side A

1 Sweet Chariot - Laurel Aitken
2 Brown Skin Girl - Ben Bowers with The Babba Motta Orchestra
3 Not Me (Man Smart, Woman Smarter) - Hubert Porter
4 Mango Time - Count Lasher’s Seven
5 Doctor - Count Lasher
6 It All Began With Adam And Eve - Lord Flea
7 Healin’ In The Balmyard - Harold Richardson & The Ticklers

Side B

1 Country Gal - Harold Richardson
2 Linstead - Market & Day O Wrigglers
3 Blu-Lu-Lup - Lord Fly
4 Samfi Man - Count Lasher & His Quintet
5 Glamour Gal - Harold Richardson & The Ticklers
6 Solas Market - Boysie Grant
7 The Naughty Little Flea - Boysie Grant & Reynold’s Calypso Clippers