COUNTRY TEASERS “Toe Rag Sessions, September 1994” (CRYPT-125) Vinyl lp

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COUNTRY TEASERS “Toe Rag Sessions, September 1994” (CRYPT-125) Gatefold LP

14 cuts from their first recording studio sessions of Sept 2-4 1994. Originally the band recorded 23 songs but in October 1994 Ben fired the drummer and decided to re-mix everything.
Dec 1994: Ben erases the drum track and re-drums it himself. Ben decides to jettison most of the songs and suggests 10 cuts for the debut so we decide on a 10” (See: Crypt-060 10” - Country Teasers “Pastoral / S/T”, also reissued.)
And here they are at last: the 13 tracks cut at Toe Rag that didn’t make it onto the Pastoral 10”, PLUS the original version of “Black Cloud Wandering”.
In a sumptuous gatefold containing ancient pre-interWeb communication forms (letters, faxes, etc).

It would have made a damned great debut album in 1994.

It IS a damned great album in 2019 (and forever!)

1. Some Hole
2. Get Your Hole
3. After One Thing
4. Devil On My Back
5. Don’t Like People
6. Getaway
7. Good Pair Of Hands
8. Henry Crinkle
9. I Get Hard
10. Kill
11. Tights
12. No Limits
13. Let’s Have A Shambles
14. Black Cloud Wandering