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Compact Disc - 5 CD Box Set




Volume 1
CD1-1 Thor's Hammer (2) I Don't Care 2:34
CD1-2 The Other Side* Out My Light 2:36
CD1-3 David John & The Mood Diggin' For Gold
Producer – Joe Meek
CD1-4 The Blue Aces That's Alright 2:57
CD1-5 Simon Raven I Wonder If She Remembers Me 2:24
CD1-6 Vince Taylor Et Les Bobby Clark's Noise* My Baby Left Me 2:07
CD1-7 Horanges Daddy Rolling Stone 2:32
CD1-8 Thor's Hammer (2) The Big Beat Country Dance 1:55
CD1-9 The Beathovens (3) Summer Sun 2:31
CD1-10 The Thunders Take Me The Way I Am 3:51
CD1-11 The Throb (2) Believe In Me 2:58
CD1-12 Improved Sound Ltd* It's You 2:04
CD1-13 Marty Rhone Every Minute Of You 2:20
CD1-14 Principals* Woman 2:35
CD1-15 John Hatton & The Devotions* I Should Be Ashamed 2:03
CD1-16 The Majority One Third 2:15
Volume 2
CD2-1 The Undertakers (2) (I Fell In Love) For The Very First Time
CD2-2 The Nameless (2) Life
CD2-3 The Moods (3) Cos Of You
CD2-4 Sound Ltd Set Sunside World
CD2-5 Group $Oall Will You Teach Me How To Love
CD2-6 The Torero's Come
CD2-7 Thor's Hammer (2) My Life
CD2-8 Dat En Wat Dead Man Blues
CD2-9 Thursday's Child I Want You Back
CD2-10 The Marksmen (6) Moonshine
CD2-11 The Beatniks (5) Can't Be Sad About It
CD2-12 The Inn-Sect Let Me Tell You About The Things I Need
CD2-13 Thor's Hammer (2) Better Days
CD2-14 Dat En Wat I Can Live Without You
CD2-15 The Rolling Beats* Don't Ask Me Why
CD2-16 The Unforgettable Amnesiacs Leave Me Alone
Volume 3
CD3-1 Dayaks So Long, Sad Sack
CD3-2 The Moondogs (3) Trying To Make You See
CD3-3 Mad Comics So Down
CD3-4 Paul & JohnnyWith The Blue Jets I'm Free
CD3-5 The Scarlets (4) Now I Know
CD3-6 The Leather Souls* What's The Use
CD3-7 The Soul Agents* I'm Still Mad At You
CD3-8 The Rhythm Checkers Long Tall Sally
CD3-9 The Pieces Fit Pieces Fit
CD3-10 Paul & JohnnyWith The Blue Jets I Like It
CD3-11 The Robots (4) It's Hard To Say
CD3-12 The Rhythms Everytime
CD3-13 The Party Brothers (2) Our Love Is Gone
CD3-14 Phase 4 (2) Listen To The Blues
CD3-15 Cool Stove Big Sensation
CD3-16 Tommy Scott I Can Only Give You Everything
Volume 4
CD4-1 The Beethovens She Is My Love
CD4-2 The Spectacles I'll Be Satisfied
CD4-3 Richard Wright Group Miss Hargreaves
CD4-4 Le Bain Didonc 4 Cheveux Dans Le Vent
CD4-5 Roger Young (2) It's Been Nice
CD4-6 Bobby James & The Vibrants* I've Learned
CD4-7 The Last Straws A Woman Of Gradual Decline
CD4-8 The Hoochie Coochies I'm A Boy
CD4-9 The Charms (4) I'm Coming Back (To Stay)
CD4-10 Robbie Peters She Does Everything For Me
CD4-11 The Shangaans Yeh Girl
CD4-12 The Insect* Be Good And Go
CD4-13 The Clarks (2) All The Time
CD4-14 The Kingbees (2) I'm A Kingbee
CD4-15 James Mean Seeing Her
CD4-16 Tony Colton I've Laid Some Down In My Time
Volume 5
CD5-1 The Morloch It's Time You Realised
CD5-2 Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys You
CD5-3 The Lost Souls Peace Of Mind
CD5-4 Russ Kruger Separate The Men From The Boys
CD5-5 The Southern Gentlemen Leave Myself To Me
CD5-6 Blues Rags'n'Hollers Got Love If You Want It
CD5-7 The Purple Hearts Long Legged Baby
CD5-8 Toni McCann & The Blue Jays* My Baby
CD5-9 The Pilgrims Five And Blue
CD5-10 Hugo (26) Girl In The Garden
CD5-11 Greg Anderson (15) I Feel Good
CD5-12 The Librettos She's A Go-Go
CD5-13 The Morloch Hit The Road, Jack
CD5-14 Max Merritt And The Meteors I Want So Much To Kow You
CD5-15 Tol-Puddle Martyrs Time Will Come
CD5-16 Tony Worsley How Can It Be


Presenting a collection of rare and obscure 45s from around the world in an international showdown of teenage angst, despair and delinquency. The toxic sound of 60s garage punk never sounded so good!! Blasted through 60watt amplifiers on a diet of amphetamines and adrenalin, Diggin' For Gold offers torment and misery with an explosive twist in mindbending mono!!