DURUTTI COLUMN – Dry vinyl lp MASO90024LP

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Format: LP

Catalogue: MASO90024LP
Barcode: 8056099004766

Durutti Column are still one of the most sought after band of the English post-punk. Since their first album 'The Return Of Durutti Column' (released on Factory in 1980), the guitarist, pianist and composer Vini Reilly has published a series of remarkable albums that filled the gap between new wave and ambient music. Reilly and Bruce Mitchell (who’s been working with such major artists like Simply Red and Rod Stewart) represented the future of the Manchester scene moving forward from the forerunners (Joy Division, A Certain Ratio, etc.) to the  new musical heroes  (Happy Monday, Stone Roses and the likes).

MATERIALI SONORI invited The Durutti Colurnnat for the first edition of the Greetings Festival in San Giovanni Valdarno in 1985, and build since then a steady relationship with the band.  It was precisely Vini Reilly that started the record series 'Greetings' (dedicating to the Belpaese tracks like 'Florence Sunset", "San Giovanni Dawn", 'For Friends In Italy"). Subsequently MATERIALI SONORI dedicated the first cover of the magazine Sonora to Reilly and Mitchell (including a previously unreleased track on the magazine's compact disc)

"Dry' is conceived as a new journey among Vini   inventions, through rarefied moods and subterranean streams of sound. The fifteen songs (lasting fifty-five minutes) have been  recorded in  Manchester in 1990, Vini sits in on guitar and piano, while Mitchell is on electronic and acoustic percussion, other instruments such as the clarinet (played by Zinnia Mitchell-Williams, Bruce's daughter), harmonica, viola and keyboards are also featured on the session. Here, once again, Durutti Column 's music could be defined as half-way between melancholy rock and 'progressive' New Age.


Dry   7:43
Paradise Passage Road 2:16
Rope Around My Neck 3:57
Short 0:38
Boat People I 1:39
Boat People II 2:36
Our Lady (Version) 3:58
Grade 2 Duet 2:05
Octaves 3:04
Out Of The Blue 2:20
Otis 5:32
English Landscape Tradition 3:19
Finding The Sea 5:15
Bordeaux 6:06
The Beggar 4:46