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EMBRYO – Embryo's Rache
Format: LP COLOR (gatefold 180 gr - Random Color)

Catalogue: LON006LP


Loneos translates in passion for music, discovering is the main goal here. The future has been encripted through many releases in the past, the many ways of Loneos will reveal such authentic and exclusive jam, through passion and hard work. Library sound, obscure film score, cosmic folk and underground psychedelic masterpiece will gradually show up in our catalog, radically changing your idea of futuristic and inspirational music. Like Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search (LONEOS) we’re here to deep look into what is around us, being it close or far away, but sure to be discovered.

The second album by Christian Burchard and alumni was released in 1971 on the prestigious United Artists imprint, only a year after their debut. A significantly progression and the first venture in the realm of the ethnic/world-rock fusion that would come to be their trademark. The gang from Munich flew over a series of packed jam showing their authentic passion for the middle east . Combining a series of progressive numbers, still miles away from their british counterpart, the band opened up for a series of transcendental and wicked numbers, pushing the boundaries of the seventies counterculture. While it was some eastern-blues rapture or a post-Coltrane collage in the vein of the classy melody of A Love Supreme, the band built his foundation while facing an ancient future. That was the beginning of a whole era where freedom was the keyword.


A1    Tausendfüßler   5:23
Time (8:47)
A2 a) I Can't Wait       
A2 b) Eva's Wolke       
A3    Revenge    6:45
B1    Espagna Si, Franco No       10:57
B2    Sittin' At The Moon    2:08
B3    Verwandlung     6:32