GBH ‎– Punk Junkies 2017 reissue vinyl lp

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GBH ‎– Punk Junkies

Their comeback album from 1997 finally on vinyl!

1997 release for this legendary Brit-core band, this record clocks in at a healthy 50', no filler, pure dynamite!!! The best of 2 worlds for punks and heavies, it blends equal dosages of thrash-core and street-punk, and the result IMHO is the best record since their debut lp by far!! Production is breathtaking to boot!!! Dynamics my amp had a very hard time managing, esp on the lower end of the spectum where it has some little audible but amp-clipping frequencies, though, and the best guitar Jock ever played. This is a punk-rock steamroller and a must for any GBH fan.

Track list:

Side A:
A1 Intro A2 Junkies A3 Impounded A4 Harmony A5 Tokyo After Dark A6 Shakin' Hands With The Machine A7 Don't Drag Me Back A8 Break The Chains A9 Kangaroo Court

Side B:
B1 Stormchaser B2 Hole B3 Damn Good Time B4 Cryin' (On The Hard Shoulder) B5 Civilised B6 Lowering The Standart B7 Enzo B8 Outro

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