HORSEY by CURRENT 93 Vinyl Double Album HOMALEPH01LP.

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by CURRENT 93 
Vinyl Double Album





Horsey & Sleep Has His House come in the form of expanded DLP and 2CD editions, remastered from the original analogue and digital master tapes, including previously unreleased mixes and versions of classic songs. 
David Tibet, writes of both albums: 
"Born after the Death of my father, SLEEP HAS HIS HOUSE was a Threnody and a Requiem to him and a series of blinks at the passing of TREE and BIRD. Down by the River, Beside the Water, and none of these run ETERNAL, except the Immortal Bird, as high as sky. Now, in BED with House of Mythology, C93 are OverMoon to SLEEP again." 
"My one Leg was in Tokyo, and my other Leg was in London, and I watched in Horror the Horsies rage by and I flew by and the Corn waved and the Trees bowed. This was BaddenedBlackenedTime, as I watched friends spin down and fall and fall—it is hard to keep riding when the structure is sliding. So that’s what I called HorseyTime, and I can still hear their fear. Now, in SADDLE with House of Mythology, C93 are OverMoon to RIDE again with this extended reissue."

Side I: 
1. Diana 
2. The Death of the Corn 
3. Tree 
Side II: 
4. Broken Birds Fly I (Maldoror Waits) 
5. Horsey 
Side III: 
6. Broken Birds Fly II (Maldoror Wails) 
Side IV: 
7. Diana (unreleased) 
8. The Crop / Tree (unreleased)