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As RidingEasy Records’ highly successful Brown Acid series (now at 10 volumes and
counting) proves, there is a massive amount of incredible heavy psych and proto-metal
music that has been lost to the sands of time. Case in point, the astoundingly great 50-
year-old album The Ice Age by Indianapolis quintet ICE was never even released upon
its completion.
In 1970, the band recorded 10 original songs at 8-Track Studios in Chicago, only to
break up shortly thereafter. Two of the tracks were eventually released as a 45 in 1972,
but confusingly under a different band name, Zukus! The A-side of that single was
featured on Brown Acid: The Ninth Trip, which led RidingEasy Records to discover
when licensing the track that an entire album had been languishing in obscurity all of
this time. The 2-inch master tapes had been shelved and forgotten until recently when
The Ice Age tracks were converted to digital and remixed, preserving the sounds of the
original vocals & instruments. Finally, half a century later, this 10-song album of radioready rock will finally see light of day.
The Ice Age is an exceptional archive of hard edged rock with serious pop hooks akin
to something like Grand Funk Railroad meets The Guess Who and The Move. It
rocks hard, but is also interlaced with glorious melodic hooks. Had fate been less fickle,
this album would’ve long been a classic rock radio staple.
Album opener “Gypsy” is a chiming Byrds-like rocker, with glistening 12-string guitar,
organ and somewhat over-zealous vibra-slap. “Satisfy” and “3 O’Clock In The Morning”
nicely pair up as the most pop friendly tunes, but with very clever melodies and
structures sounding ahead of their time, the latter with an extended entrancing and
droning refrain led by shimmering organ run through a Leslie speaker. “Running High”
and “Catch You” were the two tracks released in ’72 under a different band name, which
received considerable local radio airplay. And, for good reason: Their nice balance of
wayward psychedelic pop and troglodyte thunder is exactly what makes The Ice Age so
captivating. Album closer “Song of The East” shares the growling glissando and
orchestral style that made Vanilla Fudge and The Moody Blues household names.
In the late 1960’s five young men formed a rock & roll band on the west side of
Indianapolis, Indiana. They chose the coolest name possible: ICE. The group consisted
of vocalist/keyboardist Barry Crawford, lead vocalist/ bassist Jim Lee, drummer Mike
Saligoe, lead guitarist John Schaffer and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Richard Strange.
They was among the first bands to perform an all original set throughout the Midwest at
high schools, colleges & concert venues. They opened for national acts like Three Dog
Night, SRC, Kenny Rogers & the First Edition, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and others in
arenas and theaters.
The Ice Age is truly an incredible and unprecedented find, particularly when we’d all
thought the glorious history of rock’n’roll had long ago been written and sealed as


01. Gypsy
02. Satisfy
03. 3 O'Clock In The
04. Copper Penny
05. Catch You
06. Running High
07. I Can See Her Flying
08. Run To Me
09. He Rides Among
10. Song of The East