ICONS OF FILTH - Not On Her Majesty's Service vinyl LP (+ poster) RRS129

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ICONS OF FILTH - Not On Her Majesty's Service
Format: LP  (+ poster)

Catalogue: RRS129
Barcode: 8055515232011

Legendary Welsh anarchist punk band Icons of Filth was formed in Cardiff at the end of the 70s, having been known as Mock Death and Atomic Filth in earlier line-ups. This blistering debut, culled from demos laid in September 1982, was a cassette-only release—the first issue on the Mortorhate label, run by fellow political punks, Conflict. Over clamorous drumrolls, jagged guitar and super-charged bass, frontman Stiggy Smeg spits lyrics fighting against the system, championing animal welfare and a vegetarian lifestyle. This is the band at their rawest and most unfiltered—required listening for punk diehards. Limited vinyl reissue, comes with folded poster with exclusive unpublished photo by Robert Revill.


A1 One Second To Midnight
A2 Fucked Up State
A3 Midnight
A4 Politricks
A5 Power For Power
B1 They've Taken Everything
B2 Your Military
B3 No Fucking Choice
B4 Dividing Line
B5 Cut The Crap