JAMES BROWN - The Singles Vol. 1 (1956-57) Format: LP Catalogue: HONEY031

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JAMES BROWN - The Singles Vol. 1 (1956-57) 
Format: LP
Catalogue: HONEY031     
Barcode: 7427244912037

Split in two volumes, here is the sum of James Brown's early five year period 1956 - 1960, when JB (and his Famous Flames) was obsessively searching for his own sound. Selected from a bunch of 19 two-sided singles, and including super hits such as "Please, Please, Please", "Try Me" and "I'll go crazy", this collection represents James Brown's fundamental groundwork for the coming Soul Music revolution.


Side A

1 Please, Please, Please (James Brown-Johnny Terry)
2 Why Do You Do Me (Bobby Byrd-Sylvester Keels)
3 I Don't Know (James Brown-Johnny Terry)
4 I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On (Nashpendle Knox-Nafloyd Scott)
5 No, No, No, No (James Brown)
6 Hold My Baby's Hand (James Brown-Wilbert Smith-Nafloyd Scott-Bobby Byrd)
7 Chonnie-On-Chon (James Brown-Wilbert Smith-Nafloyd Scott-Bobby Byrd)
8 I Won't Plead No More (Bobby Byrd-Sylvester Keels)

Side B

1 Just Won't Do Right (James Brown)
2 Let's Make It (James Brown)
3 Gonna Try (James Brown)
4 Can't Be The Same (James Brown)
5 Messing With The Blues (James Brown)
6 Love Or A Game (James Brown)
7 You're Mine, You're Mine (James Brown-Nafloyd Scott)
8 I Walked Alone (Nashpendle Knox-Nafloyd Scott)