JUICY LUCY - GET A WHIFF A THIS vinyl lp reissue LHC 258

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vinyl LP

LHC 258


label :  LONGHAIR

This is the first official re-release on vinyl under licensed courtesy of BMG Rights Management, UK, remastered from an original master copy out of the vaults of BMG. 
The album was originally released in 1971 on Bronze. 'Get A Whiff A This' itself was very much the son of its predecessor 'Lie Back And Enjoy It', but looking out towards more unexpected pastures. The funky 'Big Lil' and the blistering anti-war anthem 'Midnight Sun' were both strong inclusions, while a take on the Allmans' 'Midnight Rider' remains one of that particular anthem's most dynamic revisions. 'Get A Whiff A This' track listing: Side 1: 1. 'Mr. Skin': Williams' growling voice sounds quite good on the rocking melody. The melody and general vibes are quite similar to the Spirit original. 2. 'Midnight Sun': Boogie with interesting anti-war lyrics, some nice Mick Moody acoustic slide guitar and Paul Williams seldom having sounded as authentic. Great. 3. 'Midnight Rider': Yeah, again a cover, but give them credit for having good taste in their outside material - in this case one of the best Allman Brothers tunes ever written. 4. 'Harvest': Paul Williams basically taking his way through the bland swamp-rock flavored tune. At least Mick Moody got a chance to strut his stuff on this one. A highlight. 5. 'Mr. A. Jones': Pretty acoustic country-folk number. Side 2: 1. 'Sunday Morning': Country flavored ballad that gave Glenn Ross Campbell another opportunity to shine. 2. 'Big Lil': Opening up with a funky little Moody riff, followed by some tasty slide guitar, 'Big Lil' was the album's best performance. The song reflected some energy and Williams deserved some kudos for turning in his best Greg Allman impression. Another highlight 3. 'Jessica': No, it wasn't another Allman Brothers cover... rather 'Jessica' was a country-tinged rocker that showcased Glenn Campbell's slide guitar moves. 4. 'Future Days': Blend country-rock. Based on Williams' growling southern twang, you would be hard pressed to identify them as being English. The album is a great piece of funky bluesrock, with a perfect balanced sound - such a deep and clear bass, a lot of great guitar playing by Moody and Campbell and of course the damn cool vocals by great singer Paul Williams. The album was remastered and contains a 4 page insert with band story. Don't miss this great album.

1 Mr. Skin 3:44
2 Midnight Sun 3:42
3 Midnight Rider 3:13
4 Harvest 4:13
5 Mr.A.Jones 3:06
6 Sunday Morning 3:50
7 Big Lil. 4:32
8 Jessica 4:05
9 Future Days 4:06