LIVE DETROIT 1976 (2CD) by FRANK ZAPPA Compact Disc Double TLN2CD3008

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Compact Disc Double



You never could be sure just what sort of a band Frank Zappa would show up with. Figure on a quartet, an orchestra would arrive. Bet on a jazz septet, and a rock 'n' roll combo appears. In fact, the only things you could count on were that the band would be super-tight, that they would be incredible live performers, and that the show would be unlike any you had ever seen. Zappa's appearance in Detroit in November 1976 was only a few weeks into a gruelling tour, which would eventually stretch across the US, Europe and Australia.
Officially touring the Zoot Allures album, there's a vast body of work here, reaching from 1973's Over-Nite Sensation to material that never even made the studio. Timeline proudly presents the entire, original WRIF-FM broadcast of Frank Zappa, live from the Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI on 19th November 1976. Professionally re-mastered from the original FM broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos.

Disc 1: 1. WRIF Intro / 2. Purple Lagoon Pt.1/Stinkfoot / 3. Poodle Lecture / 4. Dirty Love / 5. Wind Up Working In A Gas Station / 6. Tryin' To Grow A Chin / 7. The Torture Never Stops / 8. City Of Tiny Lights / 9. A Pound For A Brown/Jam/Drum Solo / 10. Titties & Beer. Disc 2: 1. Black Napkins / 2. Black Napkins Reprise/Purple Lagoon Pt.2 / 3. Zappa Introduces Additional Guests/Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink / 4. Would You Go All The Way? / 5. Daddy Daddy Daddy / 6. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are / 7. Dinah-Moe Hum/Purple Lagoon Pt.3 / 8. Stranded In The Jungle / 9. Camarillo Brillo / 10. Muffin Man / 11. Purple Lagoon Reprise