LIVE IN TOKYO 1973 by MILES DAVIS SEPTET Vinyl Double Album HH2LP3140

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LIVE IN TOKYO 1973 by MILES DAVIS SEPTET Vinyl Double AlbumHH2LP3140


Incredible performance from Tokyo · Includes the entire NHK radio broadcast · First time on vinyl · Digitally re-mastered for greatly enhanced sound quality · Background liners

Miles Davis Septet, live from Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo Japan 19th June 1973 The early-to-mid 1970s marked perhaps the most unique and radical period in Miles Davis career. With bands such as Sly & The Family Stone and Parliament/Funkadelic becoming increasingly popular, Davis began to draw considerable influence from their up-tempo, electronic funk sound. By 1973, Miles was showing little sign of slowing the pace of his extraordinary workload that had continued unabated from In A Silent Way up to On The Corner and he continued to tour relentlessly worldwide. June 19th 1973 saw him take to the stage in Tokyo, Japan, playing a selection of previously recorded numbers and extended jams, in a show broadcast live across the region by NHK radio. Hi-Hat proudly presents the complete and definitive broadcast of Miles Davis; live from Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo Japan 19th June 1973. Dynamic and superior quality recording, professionally remastered with background liners and rare archival photos.

Side 1 

1 Turnaroundphase 12.29 

2 Tune In 6 9.24 


Side 2 

1 Right Off 3.33 

2 Funk [Prelude pt1] 8.34 

3 Tune In 5 10.34 


Side 3 

1 Ife 21.53 


Side 4 

1 Agharta Prelude 9.48 

2 Zimbabwe 13.30