LIVE ON AIR 1965- 69 by LULU AND THE LUVVERS Compact Disc Double LC2CD5034

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LIVE ON AIR 1965- 69 
Compact Disc Double


   Collection of incredible performances live, in session at the BBC

  • Includes the BBC radio broadcasts
  • Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
  • Background liners and rare images
  • First time on vinyl
  • Hand numbered editions


The best of Lulu, live from 1964 – 1967, joined by the Luvvers and Bean & Loopy’s Lot


Since shouting out her first chart record way back in April 1964, Lulu’s profile in the pop mainstream has seen a wealth of Top 10 hits and international success. The 70s may not have offered the same rewards, but pairings with boy bands in the 1990s such as Take That and singer Ronan Keating saw a resurgence in her profile and popularity. However, turning the clock way back to her 1965 heyday with her Scottish counterparts The Luvvers, we can trace her story and irrepressible climb to become one of Britain’s most esteemed golden girls courtesy of her performances in session for the BBC.

London Calling proudly presents for the first time, Lulu in session at the BBC,

backed by beat groups such as The Luvvers and Bean & Loopy’s Lot, and duets with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, this is a fascinating account of one of British pop music’s hardest working and most authentic iconic singers.

Professionally re-mastered original broadcast recordings of her best 18 tracks during this period, and revealing interviews with Brian Matthew recalling her 1964-1967 period. Includes background liners and rare archival photos.


Side One

Lulu &The Luvvers

4th December, 1964

  1. Can’t Hear You No More (With Interview) 3.04
  2. Bread And Butter 1.49
  3. Shout 2.55


2nd April, 1965

  1. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine 2.55
  2. I’ll Come Running (With Interview) 3.07
  3. Surprise 1.58


24th September, 1965

  1. Don’t Play That Song 2.32
  2. Try To Understand (With Interview) 2.57
  3. Heatwave 1.37


Side Two


25th March, 1966

  1. Uptight 2.45
  2. Call Me (Backed By Georgie Fame, With Interview) 2.38
  3. You’ll Never Leave Him (Backed By The Blue Flames) 2.31


Lulu (and Bean & Loopy’s Lot)

20th January, 1967

  1. I Do 2.36
  2. Blowin’ In The Wind (With Interview) 3.50
  3. I Love My Dog 2.22



28th July, 1967

  1. Let’s Pretend (With Interview) 4.14
  2. To Sir With Love 2.39
  3. The Boat That I Row 2.40