MADRID 1992 by NIRVANA Compact Disc ZCCD107

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 MADRID 1992

Compact Disc




Upon its release in September 1991, DGC Records was hoping to sell 250,000 copies of Nevermind, the same they had achieved with Sonic Youth's Goo. However, the first single ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ quickly gained momentum, boosted by major airplay of the music video on MTV. As they toured Europe during late 1991, the band found that its shows were dangerously oversold, that television crews were becoming a constant presence onstage, and that ‘Teen Spirit’ was almost omnipresent on radio and music television. By Christmas 1991, the album was selling 400,000 copies a week in the US. In January 1992, it displaced Michael Jackson's Dangerous at number one on the Billboard album charts, and topped the charts in numerous other countries. The month Nevermind reached number one, Billboard proclaimed, "Nirvana is that rare band that has everything: critical acclaim, industry respect, pop radio appeal, and a rock-solid college/alternative base." The album eventually sold over seven million copies in the United States, and over 30 million worldwide. • Citing exhaustion, Nirvana decided not to undertake another American tour in support of Nevermind, instead opting to make only a handful of performances later that year. Some of these dates took place in Europe, and among the finest of these was the band’s show at Madrid’s Sports Palace on 3rd July ’92, a fantastic concert which took place at the old building in Spain’s capital city, which was ravaged by fire in 2002. • The show was recorded for live broadcast across Spain and while not previously released, it is now available in its entirety on this extraordinary new CD collection • 

1 The Money Will Roll Right In  3:22

2 Breed  3:04
3 Sliver  2:00
4 Drain You  4:03
5 In Bloom  4:58
6 About A Girl  2:47
7 School 2:46
8 Lithium  4:14
9 Aneurysm  4:54
10 Stay Away  5:08
11 Pennyroyal Tea  4:38
12 Son Of A Gun  2:50
13 Molly’s Lips  2:19
14 Something In The Way  3:12
15 On A Plain  3:20
16 Been A Son  2:16
17 Blew  3:24
18 Stain  2:49
19 Come As You Are  3:40
20 Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:37
21 Territorial Pissings  5:28