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  • By early 1970, The Bee Gees appeared to be just about finished. Robin Gibb was pursuing his solo-career but Barry, Maurice and

    Colin Petersen continued on as the Bee Gees recording their next album, Cucumber Castle. The band made their debut performance without Robin at Talk of the Town and had recruited their sister, Lesley, into the group at this time. To accompany the album, they also filmed a TV special which aired on the BBC in 1971. Petersen played drums on the tracks recorded for the album but was fired from the group after filming began His parts were edited out of the final cut of the film.

  • After the record was released in 1970, it seemed that the Bee Gees were finished. The leadoff single, "Don't Forget to Remember", was a big hit in the UK, reaching No. 2, but only reached No. 73 in the US. The next two singles, ‘I.O.I.O.’ and ‘If I Only Had My Mind on Something Else’, barely scraped the charts. On 1 December 1969, Barry and Maurice parted ways professionally.

  • In mid-1970, according to Barry, "Robin rang me in Spain where I was on holiday [saying] 'let's do it again'". By 21 August 1970, after they had reunited, Barry announced that the Bee Gees "are there and they will never, ever part again".

  • In 1970, 2 Years On was released in October in the US and November in the UK. The lead single ‘Lonely Days’ reached No. 3 in the United States, promoted by appearances on The Johnny Cash Show, Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, The Andy Williams Show, The Dick Cavett Show and The Ed Sullivan Show.

  • In February 1971, the three brothers went out on their 2 Years On Tour, which began with seven dates in North America, and then,following a break of some three months, moved onto Australia for another seven shows. On 15th July ’71 the boys played at Melbourne’s Festival Hall. Performing a stunning show which was recorded for both Radio Broadcast and Live TV Transmission, this concert is often highlighted as their finest of the era and while previously unreleased - meaning few fans have witnessed its full glory - it is now available in its entirety on this new CD.

 1 New York Mining Disaster 1941  3:02
2 To Love Somebody  4:22
3 Really And Sincerely  4:32
4 Every Second Every Minute  3:34
5 Lay It On Me  3:09
6 Jingle Jangle  1:58
7 Morning Of My Life  3:58
8 Holiday  3:42
9 I Can’t See Nobody  5:03
10 Words  4:32
11 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart  4:15
12 I Started A Joke  3:31
13 I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You  3:03
14 Massachusetts  3:23
15 Lonely Days  4:51