METAL CITY by RAVEN Vinyl LP colour 241241

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  • Raven are back with a brand new album! Their first studio album since 2015!

  • RAVEN is one of the most well known and influential bands in the heavy metal genre

  • The Gallagher brothers have devoted the title track to their British home city: “Newcastle upon Tyne has

    been referred to as Metal City for good reason. We come from there for a start. But it’s about a mindset,

    the people there have a tenacity and an ability to go beyond the limits to get to where they are going.”

  • METALLICA and ANTHRAX were their support bands in the 80s

  • Engineered by Michael Wagener (Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken, Accept)

  • The first studio album with new drummer Mike Heller

 1. The Power 3:55

2. Top of the Mountain 3:36
3. Human Race 3:59
4. Metal City 3:27
5. Battlescarred 4:45
6. Cybertron 3:24
7. Motorheadin’ 2:42
8. Not So Easy 3:09
9. Break 3:39
10. When Worlds Collide 6:15