OSAKA 1984 by ROBERT PLANT Compact Disc ICON078

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released on 5th december 2020

OSAKA 1984
Compact Disc






After Led Zeppelin disbanded in December 1980, Robert Plant briefly considered abandoning music to pursue a career as a teacher in the Rudolf Steiner education system, going so far as to be accepted for teacher training. He nevertheless embarked on a successful solo career, helped by encouragement from Genesis drummer Phil Collins, who would go on to play with him. Plant's solo career began with the album Pictures at Eleven in 1982, followed by 1983's The Principle of Moments. His tours in 1983 (with Phil Collins on drums) and in 1985, were very successful, often performing to sold-out arena-sized venues. • The Principal Of Moments Tour began in Seattle in September 1983, and after extensive dates in the USA, Canada and the UK, Plant and his entourage travelled to Australasia for 10 shows in Australia and New Zealand. Next, the band went to Japan for eight concerts across the country, plus one in Honk Kong, which completed the tour on 29th February 1984. • Of all the shows performed during the 1983/84 tour, among the very finest was Robert’s gig at Osaka’s Festival Hall on 20th February ’84, recorded as it was for live FM Radio Broadcast. • Previously unreleased, this superb concert is now available for the first time on the new CD.

1. In The Mood 8:11

2. Pledge Pin 5:30
3. Messin' With The Mekon 6:28
4. Moonlight In Samosa 5:01
5. Thru' With The Two Step 11:30
6. Other Arms 7:16
7. Horizontal Departure 3:51
8. Band Introduction 1:25
9. Slow Dancer 9:46
10. Like I've Never Been Gone 10:31
11. Burning Down One Side 5:32
12. Big Log 7:18