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Reissue of "Punk Rock Guilt", the sixth solo album released from stoner rock musician Brant Bjork. It is notably, the fabled "New Jersey Sessions" from 2005.

Former Kyuss/Fu Manchu skins man Brant Bjork has always liked to keep fans guessing during his lengthy solo career. With constantly rotating musical styles — to the point where the psychedelic musician is spacier than Nebula — pinning down his next move is virtually impossible. Maintaining that same unpredictability, he releases Punk Rock Guilt, a collection of eight tracks that step right back to his desert rock beginnings. Recorded in 2005, but shelved due to other commitments, Punk Rock Guilt is the missing link between the Fu and pre-stardom Queens. Static-laden guitar riffs blaze away over solid yet quite laidback drum beats. Lyrics do little more than fall out of Bjork’s throat as he lazily babbles away through "Dr. Special,” "Lion One” and "Born To Rock.” Bathed in sloppy Orange amplification and fuzzy analog grooves, Punk Rock Guilt is more than simply reminiscent of stoner/desert rock’s pre-millennial glory days; it’s like stepping back to that exact moment. - Exclaim!

1. Lion One 
2. Dr. Special 
3. Punk Rock Guilt
4. This Place (Just Ain’t Our Place) 
5. Shocked By The Static
6. Born To Rock 
7. Plant Your Seed
8. Locked And Loaded