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LIVE BROADCAST RECORDING FROM BAD CO’s 1979 TOUR • Made up of four seasoned musicians, two of whom - Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke - came from the recently disbanded Free, Bad Company were everything fans of the legendary group from which they emerged, were hoping for. Mick Ralphs, late of Mott The Hoople, and former King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell, completed the line-up and the band signed to Led Zeppelin’s label Swan Song /Atlantic Records in North America. Peter Grant, Zeppelin’s manager, also took on Bad Company as his new client. • The band's 1974 debut album, Bad Company, was recorded at Headley Grange, Hampshire in Ronnie Lane's Mobile Studio. The record reached number one on the Billboard 200 in the US, and number 3 in the UK Albums Chart, spending 25 weeks in the British charts. Their 1975 follow-up, Straight Shooter, reached No. 3 in both the UK and the US. Their third album, Run With the Pack, was released in 1976 and reached No. 4 in the UK and No. 5 in the US. • 1977's Burnin' Sky fared the poorest of their first four records, reaching No. 15 in the US and No. 17 in the UK, but 1979's Desolation Angels did better than its predecessor, peaking at No. 3 in the US and No. 10 in the UK. The album, released March 17th ’79, embellished the group's sound with synthesisers and strings. It had two charting singles: ’Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy’ and ‘Gone, Gone, Gone.’ • Bad Company went out on tour to promote the record beginning a few weeks before it hit the shops, on February 28th at City Hall in Newcastle. They performed extensively across the UK until the end of April, when they re-located to the US, beginning their North American Tour in Houston, Texas on April 30th. By the end of June, the band were in Maryland on the East Coast and on 27th they performed at Largo’s Capital Centre - 15 miles from Washington DC. • The group performed an outstanding concert that hot summer evening, more than 40 years ago, which was recorded for live FM Radio Broadcast along the East Coast. The tapes, however, have not previously been released, but this CD now features the entire show Bad Company played that night, certain to delight the numerous fans still flying the flag for this most iconic of 1970s rock bands.

1. Bad Company 7:12
2. Good Lovin' Gone Bad 4:18
3. Movin' On  4:06
4. Gone, Gone, Gone 5:35
5. Shooting Star 6:56
6. Oh, Atlanta 5:34
7. Rhythm Machine 5:21
8. Feel Like Makin' Love 6:38
9. Ready For Love 5:30
10. Simple Man 7:09
11. She Brings Me Love 5:15
12. Run With The Pack  5:31
13. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy 3:35
14. Hey Joe 4:20
15. Can't Get Enough 4:38