The La’s 1987 ltd edition of 1000 copies vinyl lp

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Limited edition 180g vinyl LP (1000 Copies Worldwide)


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The La's pivotal year, The Viper Label is pleased to release The La’s 1987.  The band had already built up a fierce reputation during the two previous years taking Liverpool by storm but by the start of 1987 the band had a new line up and practice room- an old Stables next to Strawberry Fields, in which they could rehearse every day working on new songs and playing them later that same evening! It was an extremely creative time in which La's classics: 


There She Goes, Timeless Melody & Way Out  were written and the standard La’s set,  starting with Son of a Gun and ending with Looking Glass was formulated - eventually securing them a major recording contract and exposing them to the wider World.

Featured on this album are the legendary recordings from the Flying Picket (Trade Union Centre Venue- recorded on Pete Townsend old mixing desk) plus recordings made in Echo & the Bunnymen's studio at the behest of  the late Pete De Freitas who supervised over the session with 'fifth' Bunnyman the late Jake Brockman, also featured are outtakes from the Stables rehearsals and ‘live’ rarities.

This album is a must not just for La's completists but for fans the world over and reveals a fresh and fertile period when the band were still white hot.


SIDE 1  The Picket Session 11 - 27 May 1987   1)Come In Come Out   2) Liberty Ship   3) Doledrum   4) Way Out 

  5) Callin’ All De Freitas Session  25 - 26 April 1987   6) Son of a Gun   7) IOU   8)Timeless Melody

SIDE 2 Live at the Cafe Berlin 12 Feb 1987 1) Jumpin’ Jack Fash 2) Clean Prophet 3) Come In Come Out

Live at St James Parson Hall 3Oct 1987 4) Freedom Song Live at ‘ The World Downstairs’ Royal Court  2 Oct 1987

5) Feelin’ 6) Way Out 7) I Can’t Sleep 8) Knock Me Down 9)There She Goes