THE ONLY WAY IS UP Move On Up To Modern Soul Vinyl lp

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Move On Up To Modern Soul

1 x vinyl lp 



1. Smokie Norful I've Got What You Need
2. Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose Too Late To Turn Back Now
3. The Independents Lucky Fellow
4. Jesse James If You Want A Love Affair
5. Jerry Butler Stop Steppin' On My Dreams
6. Wendell Watts You Girl
7. Katie Love and The Four Shades Of Black It Hurts So Good


1. Otis Clay The Only Way Is Up
2. The Jackey Beavers Show We're Not Too Young To Fall In Love
3. The Fantastic Puzzles Come Back (Part 1)
4. Alice Clark Don't You Care
5. Gloria Scott (A Case Of) Too Much Love Makin'
6. Chris Bartley Tomorrow Keeps Shining On Me


7. Sonny Turner and Sound Limited Now That You're Gone

WE ARE TRULY BLESSED! Pastor Smokie Norful, two-time Grammy award winner, leads proceedings with the FIRST EVER UK release of his Motown Modern Soul Anthem “I’ve Got What You Need”. DeeJay’s stand up and take note, if you subscribe to “OVO” (original vinyl only) this is your opportunity to pack the floor – 
Side 1, Track 1 – it couldn’t be simpler!

You really don’t need any other reason to buy this album, but, how about our title track, the original version of “The Only Way Is Up” by the late great Otis Clay – Side 2, Track 1 – another guaranteed floorfiller. It is of course familiar to everyone for the chart-topping 1988 cover-version by Yazz and the Plastic Popualtion.

Another sure fire winner is the Cornelius Brothers’ Gold Disc “Too Late Turn Back Now” which caught the imagination of the rare soul scene in the Nineties and remains a firm dance floor favourite today. We must also be grateful for the first ever independent license of Jerry Butler’s awesome “Stop Steppin‘ On My Dreams” which first came to light on his 1972 ‘Spice Of Life’ album. 

And we haven’t even mentioned Jesse James, Jackey Beavers, 
Alice Clark, Gloria Scott and the original and best version of the ‘Cleopatra Jones’ song “It Hurts So Good” by Katie Love. 

The Only Way Is Up!”

“It’s not funk, it’s not disco, it’s not quite Northern Soul. It is a crossover with a nod to the original sound of Detroit.

This collection seamlessly blends recordings from the late 60s and 70s, into the 80s and beyond to the modern sound of Motown.”


The Modern Soul Collective


Issued under licence to Passion Music Ltd from various parties

1 x LP


• The Modern Soul Collective “The Best Album So Far”
• First ever vinyl featuring the Motown Modern Soul Anthem “I’ve Got What You Need” by Smokie Norful
• First ever independent release of “Stop Steppin’ On my Dreams” by Jerry Butler
• Features Crossover and Modern Soul classics by Cornelius Brothers, Jesse James, Otis Clay, Alice Clark, Gloria Scott and more


• Craig Charles “Outta Sight is out of the stratosphere”