The Rough Guide to Hillbilly Blues 12" vinyl lp

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The Rough Guide to Hillbilly Blues                       


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An album which highlights how early white country musicians were heavily influenced by the blues, it includes many forgotten gems by artists shrouded in mystery as well as tracks by early country music pioneers Jimmie Rodgers, Charlie Poole and Dock Boggs. It explores the incredible musical exchange between black and white musical cultures in the development of the blues and features mesmerizing bottleneck and fingerstyle blues guitar playing.


When the Country blues was first recorded in the mid-1920s, it was not only played and appreciated by African-Americans but also by white performers and audiences alike. During this time, it was common practice for record companies to separate the music of the American South into two categories: the ‘race’ series, aimed at a black audience; and the ‘hillbilly’ series, aimed at white audiences.


This division along racial lines was in fact superficial, as black and white musicians shared much with respect to genre and repertoire and the separation of the two on commercial recordings grew out of the prejudices of record companies. Often overlooked is the fact that there was a huge amount of musical exchange and interaction between white and black musicians at this time.


Tracks: Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson - Guitar Rag / Dick Justice - Cocaine / Dock Boggs - Down South Blues / Frank Hutchison - Stackalee / Jimmie Rodgers - Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel #8) / John Dilleshaw & The String Marvel - Spanish Fandango / Clarence Greene - Johnson City Blues / Sam McGee - Buck Dancer's Choice / Darby And Tarlton - Slow Wicked Blues / Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - If The River Was Whiskey / Dixon Brothers - Weave Room Blues / Larry Hensley - Match Box Blues / Cliff Carlisle - Trouble Minded Blues