Toyah Take The Leap… plus (Heavyweight Clear Vinyl) 2 x LP DEMREC592

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[2 LP SET]

Catalogue no: DEMREC592Format: 2LPs on 180g clear vinyl, in outer and inner sleeve

  • “Take The Leap!” (1994) saw Toyah revisit some of her classic hits – “It’s A Mystery”, “Thunder In The Mountains” and “I Wanna Be Free” – as well as earlier punk material in a heavy rock style.

  • Six original compositions also feature, written with Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo), Cris Bonacci (Girls School) andSimon Darlow (Buggles). Includes previously unseen photography and adds five revisited classics on Side Four.

  • First ever release on vinyl, and pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl.

Side A

1. Now I’m Running2. Lust For Love
3. Invisible Love
4. Name Of Love

Side B

1. Winter In Wonderland 2. God Ceases To Dream 3. IEYA
4. Waiting

5. Neon Womb

Side C

1. Elusive Stranger
2. Our Movie
3. Thunder In The Mountains 4. I Wanna Be Free
5. It’s A Mystery

Side D

1. Be Proud, Be Loud, Be Heard [Revisited version] 2. Desire [Revisited version]
3. Obsolete [Revisited version]
4. Angel & Me [Revisited version]

5. Danced [Revisited version]