Toyah Velvet Lined Shell (Heavyweight Purple Vinyl) 10" LP DEMREC593

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velvet lined shell


Catalogue no: DEMREC593Format: 1 x 10” LP on 180g purple vinyl, in outer and inner sleeve

  • This 2003 mini-album saw Toyah return to songwriting and music-making days in the 2000s. Co-written withSweet Billy Pilgrim’s Tim Elsenburg, the six tracks include the punky “Little Tears Of Love” and “You’re A Miracle” alongside the brooding, sultry title track and introspective folky “Mother”...

  • First ever release on vinyl, and the first ever Toyah 10” release, the record is pressed on 180 gram purple vinyl.

Side A

1. Every Scar Has A Silver Lining 2. Velvet Lined Shell
3. Little Tears Of Love

Side B

1. You’re A Miracle
2. Mother
3. Troublesome Thing