VARIOUS ARTISTS “Rocka Rolla. Keb Darge’s Supreme” LP+CD VID26

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“Rocka Rolla. Keb Darge’s Supreme”

Format: LP+CD
Cat No.: VID26
Barcode: 3760013327262

The recent ‘Rocka Rolla’ series was masterfully launched by the boss himself. But for this second volume, El Vidocq steps aside for his English pal Keb Darge – who earlier so brilliantly contributed to the Jukebox Music Factory catalogue with his explosive selection ‘The Rockabilly Crown Jewels’. Once again, our ever enthusiastic limey swaggers and sparkles. His newest excellent assortment explores the garage rock and surf songs of his beloved ‘60s. Less sombre than the first, this second volume includes seminal punk rock tunes (She Lied by The Rockin’ Ramrods, Thunder Reef by The Shindings), but also a few veritable titty shakers (Les De Merle and his Bulldozer, or El Scorpion by The Sherwoods). Add a touch of surf (The Road Runners’ Quasimoto and Neb’s Tune by Ahab and The Wailers) and bingo baby! You’ve got ‘Keb Darge's Supreme’. Lots of love, zero poor taste. 
Play it loud, friends!


1- THE CHEROKEES « uprisin’ »

2- THE STARFIRES « Linda »

3- THE PENTHOUSE FIVE « bad girl »

4- THE SHANDELS « caroline »

5- THE ROAD RUNNERS « Quasimoto»

6- AHAB AND THE WAILERS « Neb’s tune»

7- MICHEL AND THE CANADIANS « cause I believe »

8- THE SHINDIGS « Thunder reef»


1- LES DE MERLE « Bulldozer »

2- LEFTY AND THE LEADSMEN « Willwood fun »

3- THE ROCKIN’ RAMRODS « she lied »

4- THE FABULOUS BLUE JAYS « Jay walker »

5- BILL ALLEN AND THE FUGITIVES «Come on and clap »

6- THE MORNING DEW « No more»

7- JIMMY RABBIT and The Karats « Push over »

8- THE SHERWOODS « El scorpion »