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2020 Vaya Con Dios / Thank You All (2LP Coloured) LIMITED EDITION OF 750 NUMBERED COPIES ON TRANSPARENT VINYL.  JUST 200 IN UK!!   LABEL: MUSIC ON VINYL CAT NO.  MOVLP2446C SIDE A  1. One Silver Dollar  2. Time Flies  3. Johnny  4. Quand Elle Rit Aux Eclats SIDE B  1. Heading For A Fall  2. Comme On Est Venu...  3. What’s A Woman  4. Don’t Cry For Louie  5. Just A Friend Of Mine SIDE C  1. Puerto Rico  2. Les Voiliers Sauvages De Nos Vies  3. Night Owls  4. Don’t Break My Heart SIDE D 1. I Don’t Wanna Know  2. Pauvre Diable  3. Look At Us Now  4. Nah Neh Nah • 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYL • GATEFOLD SLEEVE • THEIR FINAL CONCERT, RECORDED LIVE AT FOREST NATIONAL, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM IN 2014 • FEATURING “WHAT’S A WOMAN”, “NAH, NEH, NAH”, “HEADING FOR A FALL” & “JUST A FRIEND OF MINE” • FIRST TIME ON VINYL • LIMITED EDITION OF 750 INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED COPIES ON TRANSPARENT VINYL Thank You All! is the final release by the Belgian band Vaya Con Dios. This live album combines the best of all the material they recorded during their career, which started back in 1986. It was recorded during their final show on 25 October 2014. Vaya Con Dios was founded in 1986 by Dirk Schoufs, Dani Klein and Willy Lambregt. They had some international success with songs like “Just A Friend Of Mine”, “What’s a Woman?” and “Puerto Rico”. In 2013 they started their farewell tour, which ended on 25 October 2014 in Brussels. Available on vinyl for the first time as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on transparent vinyl.